Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

At the opening of Primark in Gerasdorf I was probably the happiest of leather jackets with studs which I have long sought. I would like to mention the from Clokhouse scarf, which I recently found a lot of good things ... <3 I'm from Slovakia last inter alia, had brought a sweater and a bag from there F & F can also find very good things ... Shoes I ordered over the internet from DeeZee there awesome shoes..for more check www.deezee.pl buy have nice day..<3

 Jacket - Primark
 Leggins - H&M Divided
 Boots - DeeZee
 Jumper - F&F
 Bag - F&F
 Scarves - Clockhouse
 Necklace - New Yorker
 Rings - H&M , Gate

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Danube canal

Outside it was still warm and the people in the Danube canal were to walk or sit on the terrace, enjoying the last rays of the sun ... my outfit was casual .. typical combination of jeans, plaid shirt and sneakers...stay tuned next post comming soon...<3


 Blouse - Carhartt
 Jeans - New Yorker
 Sneakers - H&M
 Shirt - H&M Divided
 Ear Cut - H&M
 Bag - Vintage
And this is Danube canal...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Leather Leggins , Cross printed Shirt and Hat

Hey, I know that I have not written for a long time no post, but somehow was not on when ... So I see that I was right behind with a post ... Today I publish two ...
So this blouse or as written in the original dress .. I think a long time ago that even a few months ago ordered online at H & M has a wonderful print on the sides. Leggings I also recently purchased at H & M for half - leather and full - leather <3 T-shirt I found at a yard sale in the New Yorker and of course I bought it immediately ... Boots I bought a year ago in Slovakia in Gate

 Blouse - H&M Divided
 Leggins - H&M
 Shirt - New Yorker
 Boots - Gate
 Hat - H&M
 Bag - Pieces
 Bracelet - H&M